Eagle Award

May 7, 2018
Mrs. Johnson has been an amazing substitute teacher for general music at Seneca Street and Olivia C. gave her the Eagle Award this week to show her how much she means to the students!  Thank you, Mrs. Johnson!


April 30, 2018
Way to go, Olivia C!  Olivia was recognized for being a hard-worker, being a responsible student and for making Mrs. Smith proud of her effort and dedication.  Landon M. passed the Eagle Award on to Olivia at Morning Program.  Olivia is now using her "eagle eyes" looking for the next person, group or class to receive positive recognition for being a Seneca Street Eagle!

April 12, 2018
Congratulations to Landon M in 1P at Seneca Street for receiving the Eagle Award! His hard work, awesome improvement in attendance, and strong effort was noticed! Keep up the great work and keep your eagle eyes open looking for the next recipient of the Eagle Award!


March 2018

Mrs. Hawthorne was the recipient of the Eagle Award this month for her dedication and hard work as our instrumental teacher at Seneca Street.  Mrs. Hawthorne passed the award to Bethany H at Morning Program on 3/26, for her participation in the Area All-County Band Festival.  Bethany was the only Seneca Street 5th grader selected to participate.  Mrs. Hawthorne also commended Bethany for her leadership qualities that are exhibited daily at school.


February 2018

5MA and 4P have received the Eagle Award this month for being so awesome!  

January 23, 2018
Alex and Stephanie recognized Mrs. Lennox and Mrs. Elberson for their superior job in our school library.  The library is always a place where students are welcomed, supported, and encouraged to BE readers!  Thanks for being a great team!

January 12, 2018
The Eagle Award goes to.......Alex Elberson and Stephanie Buschatzke from 4th grade.  These two awesome eagles help Mrs. Lennox every day by collecting library books from all Seneca Street classrooms.  Alex and Stephanie were recognized for being safe while driving the book cart.


January 3, 2018
We kicked off the new year by recognizing our amazing Teacher Aides with the Eagle Award.  Mrs. Schmutz, Mrs. Griffing, Mrs. Elberson and Mrs. Kristan couldn't BE more amazing.  They work so hard to make Seneca Street students BE their best.  Thank you!!

KR received the Eagle Award on December 8th for their awesome, safe behaviors.  KR recognized Mrs. Stewart for always being helpful and caring to our students and staff!  Thank you Mrs. Stewart for being an amazing school nurse!


November 30, 2017
2H recognized three fifth graders - Kiara, Ryan, and Saige, for their willingness to "be" special helpers to our kindergarten friends each morning.  Kiara, Ryan and Saige have been helping students in kindergarten with letter ID, letter writing and practicing letter sounds each morning during breakfast.  Thank you for being great role models and helping our young friends!

Eagle Award 11-30
November 8, 2017
Mr. Lewis, with help from some of his 5th grade friends, passed the Eagle Award on to Mr. Hicks and his 2nd graders.  Mr. Lewis complimented Mr. Hicks on his ability to be a great coach and teacher.  Seneca Street is lucky to have Mr. Hicks as part of our team! 

October 31, 2017
Mrs. Raux and her super readers passed the Eagle Award on to Head Custodian, Mr. Rich Lewis!  They commended him for always "be"ing willing to keep our school clean and spiffy and ready for learning!  Thanks Mr. Lewis!

October 23, 2017
Way to go Mrs. Raux and the Seneca Street readers!  The 5th grade selected Mrs. Raux and her reading classes to receive the Eagle Award, based on their demonstration of "being" quiet in the hall, working hard on Lexia, and for "being" responsible for their learning.  Great job!

Mrs Raux Eagle Award
October 12, 2017
Congratulations to the Seneca Street 5th grade!  2B selected both 5MA and 5MU to receive the Eagle Award for "be"ing great role models for all students.  The fifth graders were complimented on doing the morning announcements, raising our flag each day, and for modeling cleaning up their area in the cafeteria.   Way to go "senior" eagles!!

October 3, 2017
This year's first class to receive the Eagle Award was Mrs. Buschatzke's 2nd graders. They were recognized for "being helpful". This group of students often helps with PTO tasks, such as deliveries to other classrooms. Thank you for "being" so helpful! 🦅

2B Helpful



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